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Exchange – Avoid the scammers!

Exchange – Avoid the scammers! As we already know, sometimes the cash is needed even a small amount of it. You can do cashwidrawl but make sure you know all details how to avoid ATM scams which were posted by us recently.

For exenging money the best for you is to find the place where is 0 COMMISSIONNS!! You will also notice two columns on the exchange pricelist. One is for buying curency and sacond is for selling it!

Many exchange offices are trying to scamm turist that the first collum is buying with good rate to clam turists and get changed.

Never ever exchange your money on the street because in most of the cases they will gave you in stead of czech crown Belarus curenci wich is not even valid now.

We found out 3 most safest places where to exange money with 0 commision and it is not a scam!

  • Exchange s.r.o. – Kaprova 13
  • Capital exchange – Jindriska 12
  • City exchange Praha – Na prikope 988

Make note that if you will make a mistake and change the money with big procentage of commisions – you have got 3 hours by the law to come there back with the bill and ask for the refound.

Stay tuned for more tips!


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