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Discover the vibrant city that never sleeps – Prague! Immerse yourself in the sophisticated medieval architecture and thousand-year history of brewing. Prague is home to the best European zoo and is renowned for its nightlife. Experience the true Bohemian absinthe with the highest thujone content, banned in France and America, or try the famous Czech liqueur “Green Fairy”. The ritual of consumption of this emerald drink is mesmerizing and has inspired Picasso, Van Gogh, and Oscar Wilde.

Prague is famous for its nightclubs and trendy bars that reject puritanical conventions, offering guests absolutely everything. And it’s all legal! As a legislator of free morals, Prague can afford to transform a strip club into a lesbian showroom and offer an erotic tasting of elite cheeses, served on the naked bodies of luxurious girls. And for the advanced youth, the owners of nightclubs, bars, and pubs offer topless waitresses, Thai fire dances, or illuminators with an exciting “view from outside”.

Our offer includes visits to three bars, a strip club, and a nightclub – imagine how many impressions you can get!

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